Saturday, April 29, 2006

April snow brings - what was that again?

What a cold spring! These photos were taken two days ago, April 26, at around mid-day, when we woke up to two new inches of snow - like we really needed that! As you can see, we still had plenty. Well, just a bit more time to put off cleaning the yard, I guess.

The cuttings are last fall's, mostly various willow and roses. They are all puffed up and ready to break into leaf if the weather will ever warm up. We're getting lots of sun and temperatures in the 50's in the daytime, but the nights are dropping right down there. 28 degrees out right now! (at 1:50am). The large trees are Prunus virginiana 'Shubert's Select'. They are also ready to pop, but won't being doing it any time soon, that I can see. The only thing really happy here are the Mugo Pines. It takes quite a lot to make them frown.

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Looks good. brooke