Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Mini Ice Age Continues

What an interesting spring. We woke up to snow again yesterday! The poor trees! They just remain tight and hunkered down through the wind and the cold, afraid to pop out for fear of what may follow. Days are cold - around 45 degrees - and a brisk, chilly wind is keeping its presence strong. The Northwood maple trees at the nursery are actually blooming, but no signs of leaves yet. Prunus Virginianas have popped leaf, but you know how they are. Not much holds them back. Only the bravest of perennials are sticking their heads out, and not by far! I don't even have any primroses or Lewisia blooming yet. Tulips are about 3 inches high. Looking back on last year it was in the 70's! Eeeks! The joys of northern living.

Stonehill Downtown will open tomorrow on schedule. The snow must go on! OH, I'm sorry. Did I say snow? I guess that should be show. I cautiously moved some annual planters out to the cold house last night - at least it hasn't frozen for four or five nights now. Today's the big day to start pulling perennials for downtown. They look about a month behind last year, but the good news is - gardeners aren't exactly eager to get out there in the cold. I guess it'll all work out in the end.

The good news is, this is perfect digging weather. Ferns and mosses can't take much more warmth than this to come up nice and undisturbed. And the ground has finally thawed down a few inches so we can get out there. Speaking of.....I'll turn into a toad if I don't get on with it.